Eye Candy

Come visit First City Art Center for our Gallery 1060 show, Eye Candy! Featuring guest artist Sally Miller and resident Gallery 1060 artists Diane Collins, Julie McGrath, Karin Gudmundson, Jennifer Fleming, Ruth Gordon, Lindsey Grey, Tamara Fischbeck, Pat Hayes, Joe Hobbs, Noel Nichols, Marzia Ransom and Devon Murphy.


Status Quo

Status Quo is a gallery exhibition featuring new work by Gallery 1060 artists.



Unconceptual is the current show at First City Art Center’s Gallery 1060 where our studio artists have their latest work on display, including several life-size sculptures of people made completely from recycled trash. Diane Collins’ installation consists of a flock of birds made from bones and other objects. Two of our new artists to look for are Tamara Fischbeck and Sophia Haro.

We are also featuring work from guest artist, Diane Brim. Diane is a local artist from the neighboring city of Navarre, Florida. She is an expressionistic abstract artist with 20 paintings on display during this show only. Stop by to view her work, you shouldn’t miss this one!

2017 Shows


Day of the Dead


Art off the Wall


Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow is a gallery exhibition featuring new work by Gallery 1060 artists and featuring guest artists Katie and Garth Holtkamp. Katie and Garth create paintings inspired by their Key West habitat. Bright colors and island lifestyle permeate the Holtkamp’s canvases invoking rustling palm trees and lazy tropical afternoons. Katie’s brother, local glass artist Joe Hobbs, will also be exhibiting new work as well as the following Gallery 1060 artists: Marzia Ransom, Lindsey Grey, Ruth Gordon, Jennifer Fleming, Pat Hayes, Diane Collins, Tamara Fischbeck, Noel Nichols, Sophia Haro, Karin Gudmunson and Julie McGrath.


Absence of Reason

Don’t miss another great show in the gallery opening June 14. It will feature new work by the studio artists: Marzia Ransom, Lindsey Gray, Ruth Gordon, Joe Hobbs, Diane Collins, Jennifer Fleming, Pat Hayes, Tam Fischbeck, Sophia Haro, Noel Nichols, Karin Gudmundson, Julie McGrath and Devon Murphy.


Between the Lines

Visionary Continuation


Amoung Our Dreams